What do we serve


In order to solve the problems of our customers, we create diverse products: a corporate identity for your company, an icon for new software, a new site or presentation booklet, a site with multiple services or an on-line shop for your products.

Taking part in solving yours tasks, we do follow our main rule: a task of any kind must be solved in a simple and at the same time effective way, as harmony is in simplicity.

This rule allows us to create user-friendly interfaces effective advertising and impressive logos. Sometimes, we are asked to create just a piece of beauty, and we do that with enthusiasm.

We always keep in mind that each piece of art should demonstrate the spirit of art or in other words "a really sweet cake should have a cherry on its top".


The effective design is needed in both design project and its embodiment.

Similarly, who needs a car without the engine! We explore the most recent technologies to inspire life into any web-project. A very broad spectrum of options is offered by us to provide effectiveness and confidence.

We are frequently asked to optimize already existing sites and web-services, and we do this job as well.

Sometimes complete designs are brought to us and we provide it with an engine.

How we work

Let the curtain hiding the creative process be lifted a bit, let's look at this process together.


Understanding the goal clearly means solving the problem successfully. We listen to our customers with attention and ask questions until we clearly see the full picture to be quite sure that we both see the goal in the same format.


A task can be usually solved in different ways, however, only a few of the ways are both simple and effective. Checking out multiple ways, we come to a common solution starting from general and proceeding to specific goal by using common sense and logic.


Any idea became useless without proper planning and correct means to reach the goal. We do have all the required technologies to implement even challenging and extraordinary ideas. According to a diligently composed plan, we select the most appropriate one.


So, we have ideas, the plan is ready, the technologies have been chosen, thus, it is the time to go over to visualization. The graphical and textual solution of the task is appears on our monitors. The final details are worked out and assembled into s single composition.


The layouts are ready, the last thing to do is bring it to life. We combine the graphics with the technology, graphics becomes dynamical and its content is under control.

Final touches

Finally the project is on its final stage. The last thing is to add minor details: a little bit of magic… and the site gets its birth.


C'est tout, nous avons fini.
This is it, we are done! Now, it is time to declare this news to the rest of the world.

Who we are

We Do what we Love and we Love what we Do.

Welcome to ZeppIT

We are incredibly pleased that you visit to our web site.
ZeppIT is not a big web agency of experienced, talented and ambitious professionals.
We can do a lot of things so we keep improving our skills every day, therefore, we a open to all the things in this area.
We do high level projects and the latest ideas to let our customers benefit and prosper from them.